5 Things Your Photographer Wants you to Know

My husband has this really funny story about meeting is ex-roommate’s (Iris) parents for the first time and it is hilarious! Iris’s family is Korean and Alex is very very white. He even dances like a typical white boy (I should talk, I am about as #basic as it gets…) He talks about how he bowed when he first met them then proceeded to eat an entire thing of kimchi. It’s a really funny story but it made me think: What I consider to be common knowledge isn’t likely common knowledge for people who aren’t photographers! (It’s a marvel, I know)

So I wanted to take the time to share with you some insider tips about photographers and what goes on in their brain. I am of the opinion that people are rarely intentionally rude, they just don’t know any better!

Here are my 5 things your photographer wants you to know:

Not buying prints is a bloody travesty. I have created beautiful works of art for your home but you are only showing them on Facebook! Give me a call, I can help you decide what to do with all your images (see this post)

I can’t make you look like Heidi Klum #sorrynotsorry (see this post)

Light is everything. It will make or break your photos so when I suggest a time, there is a good reason for it. And no the best light isn’t at noon. It actually isn’t anywhere close to noon. The best light is in the early early morning when the sun is rising or late afternoon/evening when the sun is setting. Trust me.

Your Instagram edit of my photos is illegal and just plain old tacky. You don’t refurnish a Michael Korrs bag, so why would you add a filter to the photos? This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I mean, I get it. You have these wonderful photos of yourself and you want to share them on your social media! That’s fine! But do not, ever edit them. END OF FREAKING STORY. If you have a problem, contact me.

I have seen it all. You can’t shock me. For reals. This is especially true for boudoir, I have seen and talked to so many women about so many “taboo” things. Heck, I have photographed said taboo things! So by all means, ask away! I have likely heard/seen it before. I also have a strict confidentiality policy so if you don’t want “those” images to see the light of day, they won’t!. At least not from me. I promise. As for couples photography, your PDA won’t shock me or make me uncomfortable – I actually, want to see it so I can photograph it! I tell my clients, “Hey! Go make out over there!” and after a while, they get used to having an audience :P





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