Boudoir Month

It is Boudoir Month here at Katie Burnett Photography and I couldn’t be more excited. Boudoir is my most fav session to shoot because it really gives me a chance to connect with my clients. I get to talk to them one on one about real issues and real experiences that have affected their lives and their bodies in a way that no one else does.

I get to hear what makes them feel sexy and desired.

I get to hear about how they got that scar on their knee.

I get to hear all the mushy lovey dovey stuff their hubbys do for them.

I get to hear about their kids, their hobbies, their passions.

I get to hear the cellulite complaints (…I get to reassure her that everyone has cellulite)

I get to hear about saggy boobs (everyone’s boobs sag a little…)

I get to hear about how awkward she feels (everyone feels that way… except maybe Beyonc√©)

I get to comfort, ease, encourage, laugh, love, and share with so many amazing women.

Simply put, I have the best job ever.

Katlyn Boudoir-1

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