Boudoir Virgin

Kristina-18Are you a Boudoir Virgin? You heard the term “boudoir photography” and you did a quick Google/Pinterest search and you found a gazillion images of half/mostly naked women and maybe some men. THEN you either a) closed that sh*t! (Eeek, I hope the boss didn’t see!) or b) dug a little deeper…

I am here today to help you with option b.

A “boudoir” is a French term used to describe a lady’s dressing room. It is a place where they would do their hair, their makeup and get dressed. It was a place where men weren’t allowed. Which of course made it a mysterious femme lair that evoked an allure of decadence, beauty and intrigue. Seeing a woman in the boudoir became a source of fascination and fetish-ization.

What is she doing? What is she wearing? How is she putting on her stockings?

Oh the mystery!

Boudoir art, in various forms, has been around for ages, the more risqué art was kept hidden away but thanks to the 21st Century, a new wave of boudoir photography has hit the streets with gusto.

The goal of boudoir photography is to show a woman in her sexiest form. Getting undressed, putting her lipstick on, crawling into bed, etc.

Boudoir photography may have started out as a way of showing your spouse how sexy you are but it has evolved into something else entirely. Today, it is more about showing YOU your beauty and sex appeal.

Think of it this way:

We are bombarded daily with sexy photographs of beautiful celebrities and we long to be as gorgeous as they. The truth of the matter is though, they are people too and they are no more beautiful than us. The difference is that they have a crew of hair and makeup artists, excellent lighting, a wonderful photographer, and Photoshop. Indeed, if you take a look at this article, it will tell you what truly goes on behind the scenes and yes, Victoria’s Secret models are normal women whose bodies are digitally altered to look like the ideal, not the reality.

I guess what I mean to say is, boudoir art has been around for ages but only now has it come to mean something more than looking sexy for someone else. It is about looking and feeling your best FOR YOU.

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