I was directed to this blog post by Frugal Can Be Fab by a friend of mine (thanks, xavea!) which talks about my new favourite word: intention. I loved the post because it talks about something that I have started doing (albeit in a different way) and it made me want to share my ideas with you, my beloved readers.

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions and as such, I do not make them. However, I decided a few months ago to start living my life with intent. What I mean is, I want there to be a conscious reason for doing what I am doing.

Example No. 1 – TV

My husband and I started watching TV with intent – no mindless watching because “there is nothing better to do”. Gone are the days of channel surfing. Now we have to consciously want to watch something specifically. Here’s how: Instead of turning on Friends re-runs and staring blankly at the TV until it is time to go to bed, we now turn the TV off if there is nothing to watch. It is a marvel, I know. We will put on a show we both want to see (like, Shameless or The Americans) and enjoy the episode but once it is done, it is done. Also, we don’t look for something to watch anymore. It has to be on our list of things to see.

Example No. 2 – Decluttering

I saw this thing on Pinterest (which I can’t find anymore, of course) that said something like, “If it isn’t necessary or beautiful, get rid of it”. So basically if it doesn’t benefit my home or my soul I don’t want it in my house. I love art (duh) so naturally my home is filled with it. I obviously need things like food so that is in my home. I do not need random trinkets that serve no purpose or a junk drawer filled with … well, junk. Period.

Example No. 3 – My Art

As aforementioned, my home is filled with art. My world is art. My soul craves art in every form. I feel completely lost if I do not express myself in some art form at least every day.  Therefore, my intent goal is now extended to my soul. I live each day with the intent to be inspired by art. Not to get too “hippy” on you but I believe that art is found everywhere (I have talked about this often on this blog). I believe it can be found on a child’s face, the way the blinds leak light on to the floor, or even, the way the cream looks as it mixes into your coffee. I want to live with the intent to find beauty everywhere. I want to open my eyes and be present.

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