E’s Candlelight Boudoir

This is guest blog post by my friend xavea. You can find her writings at vapidtransmissions.wordpress.com. She also tweets as @thisisxavea and tumbles at xavea.tumblr.com

I have a confession. I LOVE the dark. Never will I ever outgrow my “goth phase”. While my style has certainly evolved over the years, my love of shadow has remained. The thing about shadows is they can be used in all sorts of ways. They encompass an element of mystery, an element of romance, an element of danger, and they incite my imagination in ways that bright light just doesn’t. Shadows can be playful (think shadow puppets for children), or they can be sensual (like this photoshoot).

Katie was excited about this shoot that was experimenting with style and showed me a few shots. She confided to me that she was nervous putting it together but was happy with the way it turned out. That’s why I was shocked (also appalled and flabbergasted for anyone reading from my sites) when she told me that she had trouble writing about them. After my raving, she agreed to let me do a guest post to share with you why I think they are so amazing.

The artistry of these photos astounded me. The model is clothed in shadows, not fabric. It entices the viewer to see her vulnerability and strength. Because, yeah, it takes a lot of strength in today’s culture to be able to open up and not only acknowledge but embrace our vulnerable sides. The romance of this is that it draws us in and begs us to share the intimacy of these time captured moments. To embrace our own vulnerability and be content knowing that the shadows will soften our scars and the light will dispel our fears.

This series truly encourages us to see the passion, strength and wonderful sensuality that exist in the simple things. Natural things like light and shadow clothing our bodies. I can’t think of any lingerie that would make me feel as sexy as being perfectly clothed by the atmosphere itself.


Edmonton Boudoir Photographer


Edmonton Boudoir PhotographerEdmonton Boudoir PhotographerEdmonton Boudoir PhotographerEdmonton Boudoir Photographer

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