K Boudoir

Ah boudoir, how I love thee…

Remember this stunningly beautiful Banff wedding? Well that hottie did a boudoir shoot for her hubby and gave him a custom designed photo album (made by moi of course) on their wedding morning.

How awesome is that? Hubs wakes up for his big day to see his wife-to-be’s hot bod all layed out in a beautiful album for him – seriously, what man doesn’t want that!?

The shoot was so much fun too. At one point, I desperately needed an assistant to hold the curtain (I don’t generally have one around for Boudoir – I like to keep my boudoir sessions private) but I just so happened to have a client in the waiting room so I pulled her in and had her hold up the curtain for me! You should have seen me bend over to get the right angle, camera in one hand, curtain in the other – it was certainly a test of my arm strength (my camera is heavy) and yoga skills – all whilst trying to set the focus!

Here are a few of my favourite shots that K was so gracious to allow me to share.

Edmonton Boudoir PhotographyEdmonton Boudoir PhotographyEdmonton Boudoir PhotographyEdmonton Boudoir Photography

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