K&N’s Sexy Couples Session

How many times can I use the word, “hot” in a blog post before it becomes weird? Once? Ok, fine.

These two are HOT! (two times)

If you are familiar with my work, you will have noticed that nothing excites my creative juices more than being able to photograph passion and love. When I was a kid, I wanted to travel the world and do landscape photography. This was before I realized that the most special moments in life happen between two people in love. It is wonderful. It is weird. It is amazing. It is a miracle.

These two hotties (three times) are parents to a beautiful little girl named Ruth. Once Ruth came around though, Neil decided that he needed to look more “dad” like so he chopped off his hair and shaved down his beard the day after this shoot. Luckily for Kaitlin, she has some lasting, hot (four times) photos to remember his pre-dad hair.

These types of hot (five times) couples sessions make the best type of bedroom art. How amazing would these photos look above Kaitlin and Neil’s bed in their master bedroom? If they decide to go that route, I bet baby #2 might not be far behind… I kid, I kid!

“Erupting like fiery autumn leaves between silks
as skin meets skin
flames that lick everything
and consume all there is.”
Sreesha Divakaran, Wine, Fire, Satin, Dew



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