Let’s Talk About The ‘Tude {Edmonton Wedding Photographer}

The ‘tude I am talkin’ about is gratitude.

Sometimes when I am down in the dumps, the only thing to pull me out is to list the things in life that I am grateful for. I mean, I am all for a little wallowing, who isn’t? And sometimes a little self pity or a morsel of a wallow really helps – I don’t believe in masking your feelings.

But there comes a time when wallowing just isn’t good enough to pull me out of my slump. So in those moments I think about things I am grateful for. These are things that go beyond our basic necessities (ie. food, shelter, and the like)… maybe I should call this list a First World Gratitude List.

I find that the simple act of writing things down makes it so that whatever is on your gratitude list becomes tangible. Real. Physical. Even if it isn’t physical things.

Here is my list (in no particular order), I hope it inspires you.

  1. I have the most wonderful husband who loves me more than I ever thought was possible. Seriously, how does that even happen?
  2. I have a thriving, growing business doing something I love love love.
  3. Everyday I come home to a precious little black ball of fur scurrying towards me (this is Molly). She loves me more than anything in the whole world (except maybe zucchini … she looooves zucchini).
  4. I have exceptionally supportive friends who truly feel happy and excited to share in my accomplishments (the feeling is mutual).
  5. I have a healthy family. Crazy, albeit, but healthy.
  6. I have the ability to be creative and pursue that creativity.
  7. I have an education. Unlike some.
  8. I have travelled.
  9. Feta cheese and olives.
  10. Adele. Because, obvs.

Bonus project: Write out 10 things that you love about your spouse/friend/mom (or whomever) and email it to them. I started doing that when Alex and I first started dating and I think he would tell you how absolutely special that made him feel. One day, I will share them with you.


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