Love Experience

You look at my portfolio and get an idea of my style. You love it, obvs.

You email/call me. We discuss locations and any special requests. We set a date.

I send you my digital information package that is full of information.

You ask me questions, I answer them.

A few days before your shoot, I will check in and see how you are doing.

I will ask you if you would like me to hire a hair and makeup artist for you (it is optional).

We meet for your session and I will give you my pep talk that goes something like, “My goal is to produce images for you that evoke the immense and deep love you have for one another.”

You get comfortable with PDA really quickly.

We joke and laugh. You two make-out and I snap away! I encourage you to do what feels natural and comfortable but…

I pose you and direct you the entire time. I PROMISE.

The rest of the session continues along these lines…

The shoot ends and you are amazed at how comfortable you were and how fun it really was and you think, “Has it been an hour already?”

Your spouse thinks, “Hey that wasn’t so bad! I just got to make-out with my incredible sexy lover! It was no work at all.”

A couple days later I send you a sneak peek of how incredibly loving you two look.

A few weeks later you come back to the studio for your reveal session! This is the first time you see all of your images beautifully laid out. You are stunned and blown away. You touch and hold and peruse your photos while enjoying a glass of wine with me. We talk, we laugh, we smooze, you go home happy after selecting your image package and purchasing any a la carte items such as prints, albums, canvases. metal prints and more.

You leave happy and tell everyone and their dog about this experience.

Edmonton Engagement photography