Love FAQs

Q: How far in advance should I book?

Some seasons are busier than others but I would say generally in order to get your products by your due date, at least 2-3 months in advance. Exceptions apply of course, just ask me and I can give you a better ETA.

Q: What is a session fee?

Your session fee is the initial investment of your photographs. It includes my time taking your photos, any time spent corresponding with you prior to your session, as well as general business expenses. The session fee is a small initial amount that does not include any images. You purchase your images when you come in for your reveal session (the first time you see all of your photos edited and retouched). At your reveal session, you get to choose a package of prints of your choice. For example, if you wanted to purchase 30 prints, you would get to choose which 30 you want. Whichever photos you purchase, you get the corresponding digital images to use online.

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Q: I love your work but I can’t afford it all at once, do you offer payment plans?

I offer payment plans for everything but the session fee. 50% of your session fee is due upon booking and the remaining 50% is due the day of your shoot. If you would like a payment plan for your print packages and a la carte items, let me know and I can set you up (no interest)!

Q: Why do you include prints with your packages? Why not digital-only?

The biggest reason for me is quality control. When I give my clients the digital images without the prints, they are likely to have them printed at Walmart (because they just don’t know any better). As an artist, that is painful to witness. For photographers, getting your photographs printed at Walmart is equivalent to Da Vinci using crayons for the Mona Lisa. The loss of quality not only looks bad on your walls, but it reflects poorly to my business because people seeing those photos think that they are supposed to look that way! All of my photos are printed at a high end facility that specializes in quality prints so I know that when I receive your images they are supposed to look that exact way. There will be no colour discrepancies between my monitor and your images, which is not the case if they are printed at a low-quality facility.

I get that we live in the 21st Century and 99.9% of my clients want to share their images with their friends and family online which is fine so I include the digital image of every photo you purchase.

I also think that people get so wrapped up in sharing their photos with others that they forget to have them printed and hung in their home. They put it on the to-do list and it just never happens. Then years go by and you do more photos and the same cycle repeats itself. By providing you with prints, it takes one more thing off of your to-do list and ensures that you get a testament of your love hanging on your walls.

Lastly, I am a firm believer that you should print your photos (I have talked about this before on my blog). Flash drives, CDs, DVDs, USBs all have one thing in common: expiry dates. Flash drives are non-existent to us now and so, eventually, will be USBs and CDs. Do you know what doesn’t expire? Prints.

Q: Should I get my hair and makeup done for the session?

While I don’t require it for couples sessions, I will tell you that you will be thankful you did. Not only will a hair and makeup artist enhance your features so that you look your best on photo day, it also gives you time to relax and de-stress prior to your session. Instead of spending the morning stressed out about your hair that wont work and your eyeliner that isn’t straight, just hire it out and spend the time saved gushing with your lover about how excited you are! Let me know if you are interested in this service and I can schedule it with one of my artists for you (an additional hair and makeup fee will apply).

Q: My husband says he is going to hate it. How can I convince him that it will be ok?

Tell him that all he has to do is make-out with you for about an hour! Who wouldn’t want that?! I will not pose him like a grade school portrait, I promise. I will direct you two throughout the shoot but mostly encourage you to make-out, grab butts, love one another, and have fun (super easy). Also if it helps, every single man (not kidding) that was dreading having their photos taken ended up saying to me after, “that wasn’t so bad!”

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