Permission {Edmonton Boudoir Photographer}

Some of us women, myself included, have this inherent need for permission. I don’t really know why, it seems like such a ridiculous thing. Furthermore, whose permission am I looking for? When you think about it logically, the answer is: no one. Yet, I crave permission to be myself, to be sexy, to be strong, to be vulnerable, basically everything.

Maybe it is because we, as women, feel like the moment we do something for ourselves, we’re doomed. We failed. We are the worst wives. We are the worst mothers. How dare I put my interests above those of my family? I mean you have to look no further than Marissa Mayer and the flack she got for daring to run a giant corporation and having babies – how dare she have a career AND a family! Who said that was ok? Who said you have to be only one or the other?

Or maybe it is because we are ingrained to feel threatened and competitive towards other women? Who said it was ok to LIKE my competition!?

It’s a bunch of bullshit.

I do not need permission to have a family and to have a career. I most certainly don’t need permission to be beautiful, sexy, strong, intelligent, vulnerable, emotional, and whatever the f**k else I want to be!

BUT if you need it, here is the permission you need to do something for yourself today, tomorrow and the day after that. Go get that massage. Enjoy an extra dollop of whip on that latte. Go take a sexy selfie and be proud of it because, you are rockin’ it, Mama! Allow yourself to buy that bra that makes your heart sing.

Allow yourself to be you. You have the permission.

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