Remember this post where I told you that I would be posting a series of behind the scenes information? Well this, my friends is part 2.

It’s less to do with “behind the scenes” and more to do with “behind the monitor after you go home”. I get a lot of inquiries and questions and assumptions about Photoshop so I wanted to share with you all my approach.

So let’s talk about Photoshop…. I have a few rules:

Rule No. 1: I will not Photoshop your body proportions

I will not make you look like Heidi Klum. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT HEIDI KLUM. YOU ARE YOU. End of freaking story. I will, however, pose you and light you properly so you end up with super flattering images.

Rule No. 2: If it can be fixed prior to the shoot, fix it.

It will save me oodles of time in editing! Hence why I insist on professional hair and makeup and include it in all of my packages. Trust me, it makes a world of difference. However, if it can’t be fixed pre-shoot, like a pimple or a bruise, don’t stress about it! That’s a quick and easy fix! And yes, I will fix those types of blemishes. Don’t like your hair colour? Too bad, so sad.

Rule No. 3: Photoshop isn’t magic.

I mean sure, one can do practically anything in Photoshop but ain’t nobody got time for that. If you are insistent on a Photoshop fix that is out of my skill level, I can send it to a professional re-toucher for you.

Rule No. 4: I don’t solely use Photoshop

Look, it’s a great program but omfg it’s slow and very inconvenient. I use other programs like Lightroom and Alien Skin to get certain effects. I will pull an image into Photoshop if I have to. But only if I have to.

Rule No. 5:

Ok so, I actually don’t have a Rule No. 5. I just like odd numbered lists… #sorrynotsorry

Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

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