Print Your Damn Photos!

Let’s take a minute to talk about printing your photos. I have talked to countless couples who have told me that they still haven’t printed any of their wedding photos. They are posted all over social media – but they are not posted in their home. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Our generation is a “now generation” in other words, we like things to happen instantaneously and we don’t like waiting. It is for that reason we have cameras on our phones and high speed internet access at the mall.

It is also for that reason that we never get our photographs printed.

Why would we? I mean, they’re on Facebook and Instagram so everyone we care to show them to has already seen them. Not to mention, if I want to show them to Great Aunt Betsy at the family reunion,  I will just pull them up on my phone instead of caring them around in my purse. I mean,  that makes sense. It is more convenient to have them on your phone which you carry around with you everywhere anyways.

But, what about your home?

Does it make sense that you would spend oodles of dineros on photography for your wedding only to turn around and go to the mall looking for art to hang in your living room? Lady, YOU HAVE THE ART ON YOUR PHONE! I hate to break it to you but your logic is flawed.

Or maybe you are just confused as to what you should do. Photo college? Metallic print? Frame? Canvas? Matte or Gloss?

In which case you have two options:

1. Slave away on Pinterest looking for a DIY version

2. Call me. I have access to so much information (I am an expert, after all) on prints and print styles. I ALSO have excellent programs to help with the collage building. Why make it harder than you have to?



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