Shelbi and Spencer – Engagement Session

These two lovebirds are gettin’ hitched in Banff next year and I can’t wait! We had their engagement session out at the Devon Voyageur park (special thanks to my mother-in-law for the referral – shout out to Cathy). When Shelbi and I started talking we discussed the possibility of a few locations and when I mentioned Devon, she lit up because she happened to grow up out there and how special would that be? The trees were stunning, the river bank was gorgeous and the way the light shown on the water was simply art.

I like to think that most of my clients and I have a special little bond. I work extra hard to “get” them and provide them with art that they will cherish. It is important to me that my clients look at their photos in years to come and think, “THAT is how I love.” When their kids grow up seeing these photos in their home, they will think, “My parents are soulmates.” For me, that is akin to seeing two elderly people still holding hands after 50 years of marriage.

The best part of this session for me was seeing Shelbi and Spencer’s love for one another, which was incredibly obvious. The second best part was discovering a fellow Harry Potter fan, we seem to attract one another into our lives. Accio nerds!

This is what Shelbi had to say about their engagement photo session:

You made the situation so light, fun and silly. Which is exactly how we like to act! Plus, your bright personality made everything easier. In addition, you had great movement suggestions, you were able to make real situations/candid shots beautiful so that you can see our relationship dynamics in the photos and you were careful to keep an eye on my insecurities

What did you think about the Reveal Session?

Loved it! The reveal session was so much more personal than just viewing them online. We felt like appreciated customers and we could really feel the love! It definitely made me more excited to see the pictures.



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