Tips for Family Photos

Good day my lovelies! I have compiled a list of tips for Family Photo Sessions. In my experience these are the most important tips to ensure the best possible day and best possible photos.

It all comes down to three things: dress, attitude, trust.


  • Be comfortable – it will show in the photos if you aren’t.
  • Coordinate your outfits but don’t “match”, this isn’t the 70s… 80s… 90s… heck, this isn’t the 20th century!
  • Your level of dress should be the same – all casual or all formal, don’t mix the two.

Edmonton Family Photography, Edmonton PhotographySource for the Top:

Source for the bottom: Me!



  • Stop nagging your children and/or spouse! They will smile nicer when you stop asking them to.
  • Stop being critical of yourself and your family! You/They are what you/they are and you have to just deal with it.
  • Come ready to have fun and be yourselves, I will do the rest of the work. :)

Edmonton Family Photography


  • Tell me your ideas and visions but…
  • Please trust me, I am a professional!

Edmonton Family Photography

Katie’s Tips for Little Children

  • Bring bribery in the form of little treats such as gummy bears or m&ms
  • Schedule a time that fits their schedule – after naps and after meal time, when they are happiest.
  • Dress them comfortably and weather appropriate. Bring back-up clothes/diapers just in case of accidents!
  • Bring their favourite toy or blanky for comfort (and a really cute photo prop!)
  • Let me control the shoot. Stand off to the side, relax, and let me interact with your child(ren). Nothing kills a shoot faster than a parent standing behind me yelling, “Smile! Smile…SSMMIILLEE” to their unimpressed child(ren). Don’t stray too far though, we want your child(ren) to be comfortable.

Edmonton Children PhotographyEdmonton Children Photography

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