Valentine’s Day Ideas {Edmonton Boudoir Photographer}

Valentine’s Day!! Otherwise known as The Day That Sucks Unless You’re In A Relationship (TDTSUYIAR for short). I know, I know, its a Hallmark holiday so who cares? You’re right. But I still made a list anyways.

So suck on that.

Here are my Top 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas, from my boudoir to yours!

Home Cooked Meal

Might I suggest a topless spaghetti night? You could hit up the Italian Centre for some decadent cheese to nibble on before you nibble on each other (ba dum chi!)

Too risqué? Ok, then how about steak and Bon Jovi night?

Edmonton Boudoir Photography - Valentine

Valentine’s Day Couples Photo-shoot (shameless plug, I know, but I have to make it relevant!)

Couples boudoir, anyone? How amazing would that art look on your wall?

Trick question. The answer is amaze-balls, obvs.

Edmonton Boudoir Photography - Valentine

Chocolate and Wine Night 

…with strawberries, and various other edibles to nibble off of each other (there is a lot of nibbling going on around here).

My favourite local chocolate stores include:

  1. Bernard Callebaut Chocolaterie – My hubby’s favourites include the chocolate covered orange peel and the rosemary dark chocolate bar (sounds weird I know, but it’s really good!). I personally love their salted caramels.
  2. La Favourite – Fact: Wayne and Janet Gretzky had their wedding cake made from here. Also, their coffee macarons are to diiiiie for!
  3. Sweet Lollapalooza – Brett is very knowledgeable and helpful. I mean, if you want to know anything about chocolate, he’s your guy. For reals. Also, their chocolate is delish!

Honorable Mention: Jacek – There are various locations/sellers around the city and I confess, I have never been but I have heard amazing things!

Edmonton Boudoir Photography - Valentine

Couples Game Night

Why not celebrate with friends? If you can find some that can tear themselves away from each other’s faces that is…

My favourite games to play with other couples are:

  1. Cards Against Humanity – because, duh…
  2. Taboo – because there is nothing like watching a couple argue over words.

Edmonton Boudoir Photography - Valentine

Walking Dead Marathon

The new season starts up on Valentine’s Day so why not prepare for it by having a non-traditional night-in watching some blood, guts, and gore! If that’s not a way to celebrate, I don’t know what is!


Well, there it is folks! I hope this little list helped you out!

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