We Take Photos for Granted

Big news: Alex and I bought a house! These last weeks have been full of packing, sorting, organizing and my favourite: PURGING! I looooove to get rid of sh*t, it is the only good thing about moving. I get to clean out my closet (for new stuff, obvs) and finally file everything appropriately in my filing cabinet so that I go into the new house organized (I am a freak, don’t judge me).

Whilst sorting and purging my spare room, I ran across a box of old photographs and a rather curious USB stick. I have photos of my baby brother, Dalton, in a wheelbarrow and myself at the helm. Photos from high school – I had major Hermione brows and no, not the cute Cara Delevingne type (what was I thinking?!). I had all sorts of family photos and childhood photos tucked away.

But it made me think, we used to spend a lot of time and money on photos – we had to buy a camera, buy film, and get said film printed. Now, we just pull out our phones. Do we cherish these photos on our phones more? I don’t think so.

Why? Well, because they aren’t rare anymore. We are so used to having the convenience of photography that we take photos for granted. We have such easy access to them that we forget what they are worth. Not monetary worth but sentimentality worth – like, deep down in your soul sh*t. See this post for more of that. Furthermore, we can print or copy or send those phone pics loads of times. We don’t have that option for the old photos.

I think what makes the old prints so much more valuable to us is that we, likely, only have one copy of them kicking around. I have no idea where the film roll for that wheelbarrow photo is…

The oodles of photographs of our university shenanigans will be priceless to us in years to come. People move on, things change, priorities shift, but the one thing that will always remain is that group photo with our awful hair laughing and smiling at our best friends eagerly anticipating the taste of that blueberry Sambuca jello shooter.

Savor those photos, my friends! Don’t take them for granted any longer.

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