Wedding Commandments

There has been a lot of boudoir talk on the blog recently, which means I need to step up my wedding game because, as we all know, wedding season is just around the corner.

If you don’t already know, I am a member of the I Have Been A Bridesmaid A Million Times Club (IHBABAMTC for short – see this post on YEGWed for more information) on top of being a wedding photographer which means I know a little about weddings and the stress that can wreak havoc on a couple.

As such, I have compiled a list of Wedding Commandments for you to follow.

Thou shalt have a good time

Why on earth would you spend all the time and money on your wedding day if you won’t enjoy it? Give away responsibilities to your bridesmaids and groomsmen – that’s what they are there for, after all. I like to suggest handing your cell phone over to your Maid of Honor for the day – let her deal with the caterers, florist and the groomsmen sans ties…

Thou shalt respect thyne own wishes

Yes, your mother is very important. But is she the one getting married? No. Stick up for yourself. The only exception to this rule is the Groom. It is his wedding too and his opinions and wants should to be considered – this is the starting point for your marriage and you want it to begin on the right foot.

Thou shalt do whatever the f**k thy wants

Do you want to forgo mason jars for Dr. Who time machines made out of tin foil? Do it. Do you want to substitute flowers for buttons? Do it. Do you want to have a child free wedding? Do it. Do you want to enter the church on an elephant made out of paper mache with gold wings and a tiara of feathers? Do it. It is YOUR day and probably the only day ever that you get to do whatever you want so do it.

Thou shalt wear whatever the f**k thy wants

I wore gray and navy blue to my wedding. I tried on white dresses and none of them were “me”. I had opposition from some people but at the end of the day, I wanted to look back on my photos and think, “That was the best day of my life and daaaamn, do I look good!” So if you are the converse sneaker kinda girl, live it up! If you want to wear black, that’s a-ok! Your fiancé will love you no matter what you wear and at the end of the day, the love you two share is all that matters, which brings me to…

Thou shalt remember what is important.

You are getting married to the love of your life. You are vowing to share your life together through thick and thin, Justin Bieber phases, bad hair days, gross morning breath, struggles, happiness, joy, and whatever else may cross your paths. That is all that matters. If the caterer served blueberries instead of blackberries, who cares? If your ceremony started late because Auntie Marg called Uncle Larry a buffoon, who cares? All that matters is that you and your love said, “I do” and the paper was signed. Don’t forget that your wedding isn’t your marriage. Cultivating your marriage will prove a much more important task then choosing between snow white and eggshell white.

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I hope this has helped ease some stress.



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