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In case you missed it (and I am not sure how you could have) this is my interview with! Stacey, the owner and operator, and I sat down for some tea and had a good chat about photography and Edmonton. is a new website for couples to look at for inspiration for their Edmonton wedding. It features all kinds of fabulous vendors and locations. The first of its kind in Edmonton, it is sure to soar and continue to be a bit hit.


15% off wedding photography from KMB Photography, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

edmonton wedding photographer Katie Burnett of KMB photography says she was ‘born with a camera in her hand.’ what started with a Suzy Snapshot doll and a keen eye for the world around her has now evolved into a passion and business.  this month, Katie is offering 15% off of her 2015 and 2016 wedding photography packages – and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to this cheerful and creative lady, who you would be lucky to have capture your wedding on camera., Edmonton Wedding, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

everything about katie – her personality and her images – exudes an air of positivity and fun. Katie is flexible and easygoing, and takes pride in using her relaxed personality and shooting style to allow her clients’ natural personality shine through. when you work with her, you can expect a casual and spontaneous shoot, with a lot of laughs – just a short read through the newly-redesigned blog will give you an insight into her great sense of humour an down-to-earth personality. i mean, in her latest recap of a couples session, she likened the duo to Lily + Marhsall, Chandler + Monica, and Ron + Hermione…. need i say more?


however, there’s more to KMB Photography than couples and wedding photography. with an extensive boudoir portfolio, Katie says that she finds shooting boudoir extremely fulfilling.

‘i love being able to make someone feel confident in themselves… my favourite moment is when i show a client the images of their session, and she’s blown away – they can’t believe it’s themselves.’, Edmonton Wedding, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

even though her work spans a very diverse clientele, the couples she works with are almost always easygoing and adventurous. as they say, ‘like attracts like,’ and therefore it’s no surprise that Katie’s personality attracts relaxed and fun clients.

‘i end up working with people that are so relaxed and completely comfortable hiking into a ravine to get a shot – they’re adventurous. i always try to prepare and map out what we’re going to do, but i do like to leave room to be spontaneous.’  one of her favourite ways to approach a shoot is to meet at a location and go for a walk – as she sees it, the best photos are natural and spontaneous., Edmonton Wedding, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

that ethos is easy to pick up when you explore Katie’s portfolio images. her images are natural, intimate, and bring out the personality of her clients, whether they’re fun, romantic or the kind of couple that are best buddies.

‘at the end of the day, i tailor each couples’ shoot specifically to them. i can mould and adapt it, but it’s their photo and i want them to be happy and above all, see themselves in it.’, Edmonton Wedding, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

not only that, they’re likely to be shot in a unique edmonton location, as Katie is always on the hunt for new locations. her boyfriend has even coined the phrase ‘Katie pretty’ to describe unconventional photo locations that Katie falls in love with, regardless of their unconventional look. But when an abandoned warehouse or derelict barn is deemed ‘Katie Pretty,’ her clients trust that she is going to use it to create something awesome.

‘i love driving around and seeing a spot, and falling in love – i map it immediately and know that it will be my next photo location., Edmonton Wedding, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

‘couples usually have a lot of faith in me to direct their photo locations, because i get to know them so well beforehand that i tend to know what they’re going to be into. they give me a lot of trust, and just ask me to decide. they’re rather easygoing!’

so – if you, or anyone you know, is looking for a forward-thinking, fun and easygoing wedding photographer, get in touch with KMB Photography today to book a consultation! she’s currently offering 15% off her wedding packages for 2015 + 2016 – that’s a couple hundred dollars off…. you do NOT want to miss out

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