You Don’t Know What I Am Talking About

My husband has gotten so used to me talking about photography that he is practically an honorary expert at this point. Because of this, I sometimes forget that most people have no idea what I am talking about. Today, I would like to share some things that I say that you might not know what they mean.

Online Gallery

At your Reveal Session, you choose the images you want to purchase. For each image you purchase, you receive the corresponding digital copy. You then get an email from me with a link to your images (ie. the “gallery”) where you can download your digital photos, share onto social media, or order more product.


A .jpeg is a type of file format similar to .pdf or .doc. It is used for photos and is universal so every device can read them.

Session Fee

Your session fee is the initial investment of your photographs. It includes my time taking your photos, my hair and makeup artist’s time, and my hair and makeup artist’s kit fee (if applicable), and general business expenses. The session fee is a small initial amount that does not include any images. You purchase your images when you come in for your Reveal Session.

Reveal Session

Your Reveal Session is the first time you see all of your photos edited and retouched. At your reveal session, you get to choose a package of prints of your choice. For example, if you wanted to purchase 40 prints, you would get to choose which 40 you want. Whichever photos you purchase, you get the corresponding digital image to use online (in jpeg format via online gallery :P)

Create Movement

Sounds simple enough, right? What I mean by it though is I want to see your hair blow in the wind or your shirt billow or the “lean in” part of the kiss. These simple things create a depth to the imagery that is stunning.

Edmonton Wedding Photography

There is “movement” in the wheat, movement in her hair, and movement in their hands ;)

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